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St. Thomas a'Becket - 7th Grade CCD - Mr. Adams

This year the seventh grade class will continue to focus on various aspects of Catholic belief, worship, and prayer.
As a seventh grader, you will be able to learn and grow through more mature faith discussions and activities.
As a parent, you can help your son/daughter grow in their faith by having them attend class, talk to them about your faith,
and attend mass with them as they prepare for their sacrament of Confirmation.

Monday, April 3rd
Opening Prayer: Stations of the Cross
  • Collect Evals
  • Final 7th lesson points
  • CCD Points
  • CCD Game Show


Visits & Our Projects
* 5 Selfless Acts - Due Jan 9th - Complete
  • 1/23 Relics with Mr. Steve Sawczak from Saint Anthony's Chapel
  • 2/27 Vocations Visit - Fr. Mike Ackerman & Fr. Larry Adams
  • 3/19 Class Mass Practice with Sr Dolores following noon mass
  • 3/20 Instructional Class Mass with Fr. Dan
Reader - Emma S
Psalm - Alex Gifts- Lydia & Emma W
Prayers of the Faithful- Nick & Mac
Altar Servers - Faith & Nevan

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